STX Industry

The Future of Industrial Connectors

STX – Industrial Connector Platform

With the STX generation of connectors Telegärtner has now expanded its offerings for structured building wiring to the industrial sector. Based on proven Telegärtner products for office applications, STX represents a connector concept suitable for industrial environments and guaranteeing users transmission rates up to 40 GB while simultaneously resisting dust, moisture, chemicals as well as mechanical or electromagnetic loads.

The revolutionary platform for industrial connectors …

Profit from the maximum flexibility offered by STX. Thanks to its wide range, the product line guarantees you crucial advantages during planning, assembly and ongoing operations for numerous applications. The user has the choice and thus always obtains the product which best suits the given application. Every version – whether with plastic or metal housing – is designed for protection class IP67 according to IEC 6052. read more

… with significant advantages for field assembly

Field assembly in industrial sites frequently involves difficult to reach locations and additional stresses resulting from dirt. Complicated components which must be assembled on site not only make the installer’s task more difficult but also contain the hidden potential for wrong connection or incorrect assembly. Telegärtner has taken up this challenge and, with STX, has developed a reliable Ethernet solution whose installation and assembly is simpler, more secure and, above all, requires no special tools. read more

Applications for Mounting Rails

In order to be fully prepared Industrial Ethernet Telegärtner also offers outlets and distributors which can be mounted directly next to one another on the mounting rail. They form the ideal connection between the arriving installation lines and the wiring inside the control cabinet. The components can be quickly and easily mounted on conventional TH35 rails by simply clicking them in place. The new Telegärtner mounting rail solutions serve to supplement a comprehensive line of the STX Industry connector platform concepts, specially developed for employment in harsh environments. read more

The right combination for every specification: the modular STX connector system.

Advantage thanks to maximum modularity. The Telegärtner STX Ethernet connectors offer standards-compliant solutions which can be flexibly equipped with freely selectable inserts -without troublesome adjustments-. This provides greater freedom in component selection and in component application. Aside from the RJ45 inserts, fibre optic connectors for Plastic Optical Fibers (POF), Plastic Cladded Fibers (PCF) and Glass Optical Fibers (GOF) in 9 μm, 50 μm and 62.5 μm can all be integrated.

Whether it involves factory, machinery or facility cabling, Variant 1, Variant 4, Variant 5 and Variant 14 industrial connectors from the STX platform together with Variant 6 connectors from Telegärtner offer you first class, standards-compliant Industrial Ethernet solutions.
One reason for this is their resistance to the stresses encountered in industrial environments. A second reason is their modularity: there‘s nothing like STX where you can equip protective housings with such an unlimited variety of plug or bulkhead inserts.

Simpler, more secure, smarter:
handling and field assembly with STX

Insert cable – press together – that‘s it:

That’s how easy cable assembly is with Telegärtner STX: thanks to the integrated Cat.6A lead management and optimised IDCs.



Pre-fitted housings and inserts

Pre-fitted housings and inserts

Simple, because everything is pre-fitted. For the user, this means there are fewer individual parts, there is less time involved, and there is less likelihood of anything going wrong.



All the necessary information at a glance: relevant information is printed straight on to a waterproof label by a PC before being attached to the plug housing.

Cable seal and strain relief

Cable seal and strain relief

The plug housing is slid over the cable, the cable gland is attached and everything is already sealed tight, even in the case of thin and thick cables.

Colour coding

Colour coding

Structuring individual grid segments is child‘s play with these markings.

The performance advantages at a glance

Outstanding transmission rate

Data transfer rates from 10 MB to 10 GB (and, with fiber optics, up to 40 GB) is perfectly suited to modern, 10 Gigabit networks and, thanks to high link reserves, also meets the most stringent requirements with regard to reporting and process control.

Improved contact technology

Reduced mass and greater resilience make the STX contact springs unsusceptible to vibration, shock and mechanical loads and ensure the highest level of contact security under even extreme conditions. Shield bonding is realised with four rather than two contact points.


Housing technology

The IP67 classified housings offer optimal protection against water and dirt while simultaneously guaranteeing the easiest possible handling – even after years of use. In addition, they are totally compliant with international standards (IEC 61076-3-106 & IEC 61076-3-117).


Comprehensive material selection

In the manufacture of the STX housings, Telegärtner places its faith in plastics and metals which are resistant to bases, acids, grease and oils and are uniformly reliable from -40 °C to 70 °C.


Seal technology

The plug housings and bulkheads are water- and dustproof acc. to IP67. The employed seals are characterised by minimal abrasion, optimal handling as well as maximum dimensional stability and impermeability.


Simply cleverer: straightforward mounting

With STX the user can choose between central screw-on mounting for standard wall connections or a version with 4 screws for exterior mounting. Added to this are components which permit fast installation and maintenance on-site without the need for special tools. Field assembly plug and bulkhead inserts allow easy and fast assembly.