field assembly RJ45 plug UFP8 T568 B Cat.6A

Technical Attributes
Short name UFP8 T568B Cat.6A
Remarks AWG 24/1-23/1, AWG 27/7-23/7, with pre-assembled dust protection cap
Type blister package (10 pcs.)


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Performance Characteristics

  • pre-assembled protection cap
  • robust plastic housing
  • full metal shielding between pairs of wires
  • can be assembled in 60 seconds without any special tools
  • optimised for the field, including demanding applications
  • four-chamber wire manager (available with colour code T568A or T568B and PROFINET)
  • suitable for cabling in office buildings, data centers, industrial facilities and home networks
  • supreme reliability
  • ideal for network repairs, special lengths and extensions
Mechanical Characteristics
Insertion force ≤ 20 N
Durability (mating cycles) ≥ 750
Reusable contacts ≤4 cycles
Material: contacts spring steel
Material: contact finish Ni1,2Au0,8
Material: connector housing PC UL94 V0
Material: PCB FR4 UL 94 V0
Material: piercing contacts phosphor bronze tinned
Material: wire pair presorting PC UL94 V0 grey
Material: uplock hook PBT UL94 V0
Material: cable clamp PC UL94 V0
Material: dust cap PBT UL94 V0
Mating Requirements Cu-Conductor diameter: solid 0.51 – 0.57 mm (AWG24/1-23/1)
Mating Requirements Cu-Conductor diameter: stranded 0.46 – 0.65 mm (AWG27/7-23/7)
Mating Requirements Cu-Conductor diameter: stranded* 0.51 mm (AWG26/19)
Core Diameter 0.85 – 1.1 mm
Overall cable diameter 5.5 – 8.5 mm
Climatic Characteristics
Temperature range -40°C …+70°C
Electrical Characteristics
Current carrying capacity at 50°C 1 A
PoE+ acc to IEEE 802.3at Adequate for Power over Ethernet+
Connectors IEC 60603-7-41
Transmission Characteristics
10 Gigabit Ethernet acc. to IEEE 802.3an Adequate for 10 Gigabit Ethernet


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