“FO Duplex Adaptor Cables 1st end LC Duplex, 2nd end SC Duplex G50/125 3,0 m ,OM3”

Technical Attributes
Fiber type G50/125 OM3
Connector type 1st end SC Duplex, 2nd end LC Duplex
Length 3,0 m
Housing Color aqua
Cable Color aqua


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Product description

Acc. to ISO/IEC 11801 the fiber channels of duplex connectors are connected, i.e. channel termination A on the 1st side is connected to channel termination B on 2nd side.The channels A/B are marked by differently coloured cable boots (A=red, B=black).

FO patch cords are mainly used in patch panels or as connections between outlets and terminals. Duplex cables with duplex connectors prevent from changing transmission and reception lines. The quality of connectors and fibers used determines to a great degree the insertion loss and reflexion performance of the transmission line. Factory- assembled FO patch cables guarantee exceptional optical and mechanical characteristics and a long lifetime due to use of optimized components and a constantly controlled manufacturing process. Flame-retardant and halogen-free cable sheath material provides low environmental load.

Mechanical Characteristics
Calbe structure acc. DIN/VDE 0888 I-K(ZN)H 2×1 …
Cable dimensions in mm: Zipcord 2,8 x 5,7
Cable dimensions in mm: Minizip (2×0,6) 1,8 x 3,7
Max. pulling tension short-term/long-term in N: Zipcord 400 / 200
Max. pulling tension short-term/long-term in N: Minizip (2×0,6) 400 / 200
Max. crush resisteance long-torm in N/m: Zipcord 5000
Max. crush resisteance long-torm in N/m: Minizip (2×0,6) 2000
Min. bending radius in mm 25
Colour of outer jacket orange/aqua
Weight in kg/km: Zipcord 14,5
Weight in kg/km: Minizip (2×0,6) 7,4
Climatic Characteristics
Operating temperature in °C -5 / +55
Storage temperature in °C -30 / +70
Installation temperature in °C -5 / +50
Flame retardancy IEC 60332-1
Halogen-free acc. to IEC 60754-2


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