19" Patch Panel MPP24-HS K Class EA 500

Technical Attributes
Short name MPP24-HS K Class EA 500
Type 24 x RJ45 shielded
Color light grey RAL 7035


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Performance Characteristics

  • 19″/10″ rack mount unit 1 HU with 12, 16 or 24 RJ45 jacks assembled on one common PCB
  • no special tooling required for mounting of cover (shielded type)
  • printed circuit board is mounted horizontally
  • grounding with the enclosed earth connection cable (shielded types)
  • cables are terminated via IDC (LSA Plus) terminals with colour coding acc. to EIA/TIA 568 A and B
  • 360° shielding can be connected directly on the PCB on a large contact spot using screw clamps, without need of twisting the shielding braid (shielded type)
  • risk of short-circuit between screening braid and data leads is minimized due to sufficient space between data terminals and screening contact
  • limit of 13 mm max. of untwisted length of data leads can be easily achieved without restricting an easy installation
  • enclosed cable ties for strain relief of the cables without need of screws and special tools
  • modular jacks are numbered on the front panel
  • housing is made of steel and powder-laminated in light grey (RAL 7035) or black; the cover is made of stainless steel
  • Cat.6A, Class EA 500 & Cat.6A types with overbending protection: >750 mating cylces with RJ45/RJ11/RJ12 plugs
Mechanical Characteristics
Insertion force ≤ 30 N
Durability (mating cycles) ≥ 750
Material: housing sheet steel powder coated
Material: housing mini distributor
Material: housing mini distributor 3HU
Material: cover (shielded type) stainless sheet steel
Material: insulators PA, PBT, PBP, PE
Material: PCB FR4
Material: PCB finish tin plated
Material: contact spring CuSn, spring steel
Material: contact spring finish min. 0,8 µm Au on 1,2 µm Ni
Material: contact IDC termination CuZn
Material: IDC termination finish tin plated
LSA Plus: Cu conductor diameter solid 0.41 – 0.64 mm AWG 26/1 – AWG 22/1
LSA Plus: Wire diameter 0.7 – 1.6 mm
Electrical Characteristics
Contact resistance ≤ 20 mΩ
Insulation resistance ≥ 500 MΩ
Voltage proof: contact-contact ≥ 1000 V, DC
Voltage proof: contact-shield ≥ 1500 V, DC
Current carrying capacity at 50°C 1 A
PoE+ acc to IEEE 802.3at Cat.6A, Cat.6A; Cat.6/Class E: PoE+; Cat.5e: PoE
Connectors IEC 60603-7-51 / -7-5 / -7-3 / -7-41
Transmission Characteristics
Category 6A (Component) for products Cat.6A ISO/IEC 11801, DIN EN 50173-1
Class EA (Permanent Link) for products Cat.6A, Cat.6A, Class EA 500 ISO/IEC 11801, DIN EN 50173-1
Class EA (Channel) for products Cat.6A, Cat.6A, Class EA 500 ISO/IEC 11801, DIN EN 50173-1
Category 5e ISO/IEC 11801, DIN EN 50173-1
Category 3
Gigabit Ethernet acc. to IEEE 802.3 fulfilled
10 Gigabit Ethernet acc. to IEEE 802.3an for Cat.6A, Cat.6A, Class EA 500
H06000A0001 Fixing set for Patch Panels (4 screws M6x16 with nuts)
N01002A0001 LSA Plus Tool
N01002A0000 Single tool for IDC termination (LSA Plus) without wire cutter
  B05002A0012 Marking strip 12 x 430 mm self-adhesive


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